Nishimura Slitter

Nishimura Slitters has been engaged in Slitter design and fabrication since its founding in 1946.

NS-Slitter is a synonym for high-quality, high-performance slitters. NS-Slitter market penetration is such that when people think of slitters, they think of Nishimura Slitters.

  • Equipped with NS-PX SHAFT
  • High precision and low noise are achieved by employing an AC Inverter Motor for the main drive
  • High precision of the rewind r.p.m. control is achieved by employing an AC Inverter Motor for Rewinding Drive
  • Touch roller moves vertically thus very precise contact pressure control is achieved
  • Closed-loop tension control as standard spec
  • A removable slitter section allows knife-setting outside of the machine.
  • Tangential shear cut with special knives.
  • Individual lay-on roller(s) are activated by air cylinder(s) and can be lifted up simultaneously facilitating product unloading with ease.

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