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High-Temperature Stretching Machine

Hirano Gikenkogyo co High temperature stretching machine

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High-Temperature Stretching Machine

The Hirano Gikenkogyo Co. high temperature stretching machine is capable of operation at a 70m/min line speed and 500℃ high temperature. Therefore, according to specifications, the water-cooling rail is an option.  For instance, the selection of the holding system is between a clip type and pin type.

High-temperature Stretching Machine


Polyimide film

Fluorine film

Hirano Gikenkogyo Co. Product Description

A machine capable of stretching, heat treating, and drying after film-forming of materials such as plastics, films, etc. requires a temperature higher than the 200℃ of conventional drying ovens.

Specifications for High-temperature stretching machine

Heat treatment length   1.5m×3 chambers

Film width at inlet            300~1000mm

Film width at outlet         300~1000mm

Composition of drying furnace   Temperature can be set in preheating, stretching, heat setting(relaxation)etc.

Stretching ratio MAX3.3times

Hot air temperature       MAX380℃

Speed   0.1~10m/min

Wind-off unit (Unwinder)             1axis (Core size 3 or 6 in.)

Take-up unit (Winder)   1axis (Core size 3 or 6 in.)

Trimming unit    Installed

Thickness gauge               Installed (Offline)

Phase-contrast meter    Installed (Offline)

Nozzle  Selectable among several types