LS-34GX High Precision Screen Printer

The NEWLONG LS-34GX screen printer is built with efficiency in mind. This high-precision screen printer is suitable to print on glass, PCB, FPC, and thermal boards. Therefore, a rigid frame ensures printing stability while high-speed and precise squeegee movement ensures fast cycle time.

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Newlong LS-34GX
High Precision Screen Printer


A rigid frame ensures stable and high-precision screen printing.
The entire squeegee head is lifted by switch operation for easy removability of the squeegee and for easy removal of the screen frame.
The screen frame is easily inserted by sliding action and it can be installed by one-touch control.
The Table moves side-to-side making a compact machine design possible while ensuring safety for the operator.
The modular design makes for a shorter delivery time.
Scalable from Standard Unit to Automatic System.

STABLE, Sheet to Sheet Screen Printing

Machine Size (mm) -> 1785(W) x 1120(D) x 1525(H)
Weight -> 900kg
Repeatability -> Within ± 0.01mm
Screen Frame Size (mm) -> 550 x 650 x 30
-> 650 x 750 x 30
-> 750 x 750 x 30
Clearance -> Z-Axis 18mm
Utility -> AC 200V 3-Phase 1kVa
-> Over 0.4Mpa air (consumption 20L/min)
Table Specification
Table Size (mm) -> 450 x 550
Squeegee Stroke (mm) -> 540 (Max.)
Squeegee Speed -> 15~350mm/sec
Cycle Time -> 8.5 Sec (Stroke 540mm, speed 200mm/sec
-> Excludes work loading time.)
Printing Pressure -> 0.1~0.4MPa (Digital gauge) Min. setting unit 0.001MPa
Positioning -> XY=±7mm, θ=±3 degree -> Print table manual lock