NS Slitter TG104E Series

NS Slitter Model TG104E

Applications: electrode – cathode (coated aluminum foil), anode (coated copper foil)

NS Slitter TG104E Series is the newest slitter series suitable for battery materials. (For slitting aluminum, specially coated copper foils, etc.)


NS Slitter TG104E Series Features

  • Equipped with NS-PX SHAFT
  • Higher precision and low noise are achieved by employing an AC Inverter Motor for the main drive
  • Higher precision of the rewind RPM control and maintenance is achieved by employing AC Inverter Motor for Rewinding Drive
  • Touch roller moves vertically thus very precise contact pressure control is achieved
  • Closed-loop tension control as standard spec
  • A unit-type slitter section allows knife-setting outside of the machine.
  • Tangential shear cut with special knives.
  • Individual lay-on roller is activated by an air cylinder and can be lifted all at once to allow product unloading with ease


Material Width350∼650mm
Roller Length750mm
Max. Rewind Diameterφ450mm
Slit WidthOver 19mm
Slitting Speed5∼50m/min
Max. Unwind DiameterStandard: φ700mm
Unwind BrakePowder brake
Roller DriveInverter motor
Rewind DriveInverter motor
OperationTouch Panel