DP-320 type screen printer (Semi-Automatic Desktop Printer)

NEWLONG DP-320 Screen Printer is equipped with a CCD camera. An all-in-one model that enables more precise alignment. Make fine adjustments to the print position XYΦ on the tableside.

NEWLONG DP-320 Screen Printer has the following features: low price, simple operation, and a small installation area. These features enable convenient and precise screen-printing ideal for customers’ product development and trial manufacturing needs.
Hand squeegee sharpener SA-1 is a suitable match for DP-320To catalog request

NEWLONG DP-320 Screen Printer

DP-320 Specifications

Printing area(mm)150*150
Frame size(mm)320*320
Table size(mm)230*230
Machine size(mm)465*925*520
Machine weight(kg)approx. 60
Power Source (AC)100V single phase 50/60Hz
Table height(mm)170
Clearance adjustment(mm)0~10