Extrusion Coating

Extrusion Coating Systems from SHIM

The film extrusion line from SHIM (Sumitomo Heavy Industries Modern), represented by TEXMAC, is a line of extrusion coating systems and components.
To point out, extrusion coating is indispensable for packaging everything. Including foods, beverages, cosmetics, and drugs. Especially, state-of-the-art products like electronic equipment.
The extrusion coating lines from TEXMAC come in wide variations. Specifically, single, tandem, triple, co-extrusion, and paper-specific configurations. In conclusion, delivering high quality and stable molding performance. Consequently, meeting the diversified needs for new and improved coating products.

Smart Flipper

Flexible Packaging – MLA Series

Heavy-Duty Packaging – MLP Series


About SHIM –

SHIM (Sumitomo Heavy Industries Modern) is a specialized manufacturer of extrusion molding machines. Surprisingly established in 1955 at the dawn of plastics engineering.
Over the ensuing 50 years, SHIM has been delivering production machinery and systems loaded with state-of-the-art technologies to users around the world.
From packaging materials for ordinary food products, daily essentials, and advanced medical supplies to functional thin films indispensable to information technologies and environmental technologies, the products made on the extrusion systems of SHIM are being used in all corners of society.