Automatic Thickness Control System for Extrusion Coating Line

SHIM (Sumitomo Heavy Industries Modern) produces the Smart Flipper T-Die. In fact, the Smart Flipper is an automatic thickness control system that features a T-die. Additionally, the Smart Flipper has a pneumatic lip forming mechanism. Thereupon, further enhancing the dimensional accuracy, stability, and productivity. Therefore, the correcting T-die for extrusion coating line and cast film/sheet production line brings together our extensive knowledge and high-level control technology.

  • Feedback control via thickness measurement
  • Instant response to correction commands
  • Faithful reproduction of preset parameters

Smart Flipper Feedback System

Smart Flipper T-Die

The T-die incorporates a pneumatic lip forming mechanism that instantly responds to film thickness signals and automatically corrects thickness.

Smart Flipper Features:

▌ High Responsiveness

A pneumatic-driven lip adjusting mechanism instantly responds to thickness correction commands, drastically shortening the time normally required for corrections.

▌ Stability

The heated environment does not affect the pneumatic drive. As a result, the thickness is always consistent.

▌ High Reproducibility

Unaffected by external factors, the Smart Flipper delivers high reproducibility. Namely, for holding the preset production parameters. Specifically, by calling preset configurations from memory. Regardless of the parameters.

▌ High Accuracy

For example, high-performance accrues by the molding of heat-dependent resins. Such as the profiles that require a high degree of precision.

▌ Low Energy Demand, Low Cost

The Smart Flipper runs on an air source of 0.7 MPa and air loss is extremely low, making it an economical tool for efficient production.

▌ Clean

The Smart Flipper does not require any working fluids and helps users to keep the production environment clean and healthy.

Smart Flipper for Cast Film Lines

Smart Flipper for Extrusion Coating Line

Inside the Smart Flipper

About SHIM –

SHIM (Sumitomo Heavy Industries Modern) is a specialized manufacturer of extrusion molding machines. Established in 1955 at the dawn of plastics engineering.
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