Solutions for Secondary Battery Manufacturing

Important to realize, Electrode Stacking Devices

Moreover, welcome to Hitachi Power Solutions, (HPS), innovations. In particular, they have developed a range of disciplines. Therefore, enabling customers to achieve high production speeds.

Therefore, Hitachi Power Solutions, HPS, offers a variety of systems from a stand-alone unit to a complete manufacturing line to meet your specific needs.

For instance

  • Prismatic Li-Ion Battery Assembly Line for HEV
  • Cylindrical Li-Ion Battery Assembly Line for HEV
  • Laminated Li-Ion Battery Assembly line for EV
  • Stand-alone units
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Electrode Stacking Device ETS-L150

To point out, Stacking at high speeds and with high precision

Therefore, operations synchronized with the servo motor drive enable high-speed stacking. In fact, the devices have a feature that allows them to correct electrode location (image processing, XY stage).

To clarify, High Throughput

Since the time it takes for stacking to halt is reduced thanks to an independent separator outer circumference winding operation.

As can be seen, proprietary technology reduces contact damage to electrode sheets.

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Specifically, Increased maintainability

Consequently, the vertical structure of the major units allows for increased maintainability. Provided that, access to each unit is easier and maintenance time is decreased. When compared to traditional horizontal construction.

Explicitly, Tool change-out to accommodate different product types

While each unit has interchangeable attachments and parameter adjustments. Thus, to accommodate different battery sizes.

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Another key point, APPLICATION

To emphasize, Li-Ion Batteries, Li-Ion capacitors, and electrical double-layer capacitors.


Unit capability0.8 sec/layer during dry operation
Stacking accuracy+/- 0.3mm
Electrode sheet sizeW=80 to 150mm, L 80 to 150mm
Tab length:20mm or less
Separator sizeReel width: 80 to 154mm
Reel diameter400mm or less
Separator holding tapeW=15, L=30 to 70mm
Stacking thickness24mm or less
Power supply3-phase 200V 50/60Hz
Power consumption10.7 kVA
Air supply pressure0.4MPa or more
Unit dimensions4,000mm x 2,400mm x 1,670mm
Unit weightApprox. 6,000kg

Another key point, Automatic Cell Assembly Systems

Therefore, TEXMAC’s HPS (Hitachi Power Solutions) line of automatic cell assembly equipment is suitable for a wide range of applications. For example, laminated, cylindrical, prismatic, and coin-shaped consumer batteries. As well as large automotive secondary batteries and automotive parts for electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid vehicles (HVs).

To clarify, HPS’ experience and technology gathered over many years of commitment to automatic assembly. Therefore, HPS’s automatic assembly ensures the equipment’s stable operation. As a result, we contribute to increased productivity and high-quality assembly.

As a result, HPS offers a variety of systems. In effect, from a stand-alone unit to a complete manufacturing line. Obviously, according to your specific needs. All in all, to increase your production and efficiency. In a word, HPS can recommend assembly lines. in fact, which combines the cam and linkage mechanism and the servo cylinder mechanism with robot-based assembly.

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Certainly, Contamination Free

  • Such as optimized design minimizing particulate generated from the machines
  • For instance, Cam & Link System for smooth motion
  • For one thing, dust isolation mechanism for respective processes

As an illustration, Welding

  • Such as, For Resistance Welding
  • In particular, Laser Seam Welding
  • Friction Stir Welding (FSW)
  • Explicitly, Ultrasonic Welding
  • Significantly, Laser Spot Welding
  • Hot Welding
  • Specifically, Crimping

On the positive side, Electrolyte Dispensing

  • Therefore, the dispensing system developed by HPS operates under a high vacuum with a metering pump
  • While the Injection head operates under high vacuum
  • So that, experience-based proposals for the most suitable dispensing and impregnation processes achieve a faster cycle (Prior evaluation for the process using a dispensing testing machine)


Laminated lithium-ion batteriesCylindrical lithium-ion batteriesPrismatic
lithium-ion batteries
In fact, an Electrode stacking deviceTab welderThe top lid assembly device
Tab welderDevice for applying insulation tapesCurrent collector welder
The laminated cup molding deviceCan/wound body inserterInsulation film threader
Heat sealerGrooving deviceCan/element inserter
Electrolytic solution injectorTop lid welderCan/lid welder
Degassing deviceElectrolyte injector Electrolyte injector
Weight measurementSafety valve laser welder
CleanerVacuum impregnation device
Finished product accumulatorCleaner
Exterior film threader

For example