Introduction: FFG (Flexo Folder Gluer) Win SR350

Important to realize, that Ishikawa has been at the leading edge of Flexo Folder Gluer (FFG) technology. Since the release of the first FFG in 1964. Therefore, our FFG, Win series, has a worldwide reputation for being high-quality, high-productivity, and high reliability. Given that, all Win series is made in Japan.

Ishikawa Machinery Win SR350
Win SR350 Flexo Folder Gluer

In particular, the Win SR350 boasts improved productivity, accuracy, operability, and running cost reduction!

To emphasize, Win SR 350 Highlights

  • Stable production with high machine speed
  • Shortening the set time, set time 3 minutes
  • Paper feed accuracy, print accuracy, print quality improvement, and stabilization
  • Supports chip scattering prevention and glue scattering prevention
  • Improved folding joint accuracy
  • Counter section high-speed stability (one-stage tandem method)
  • A production system that further improves production efficiency
  • External pasting unit
  • Thus, automatic stamp replacement

Win SR350 Specifications

Maximum machine speed

Maximum sheet size

Minimum sheet size

350 pieces/minute

970mm × 2,500mm

250mm ×   679mm


Win sr350 Paper feeding component

New Lead Edge Box 5-axis System

Max Sheet Size: 970mm x 2500mm

  • (Skip Feed 1220mm x 2500mm)

Rubber feed roll on top and bottom roller

Printing Section

Win Sr350 Paint brush control

ISHIKAWA Original Chamber Blade Unit

Automatic Ink Exchange Device

Unit to Unit working space is 750mm

Sheet Transportation

Ishikawa Flexo Folder Gluer

Printing Conveyance System

Habasit Belt Canvas Belt

Habasit Belt (Continuous Belt)

As a result, 1 – Axis Drive System


win sr350 slotter component

Individual Line Pressure Adjuster

Overlapping self-adjusting

Important to realize, maintenance-free “Chip-less” mechanism.

Ishikawa Flexo Folder Gluer

Die Cutter:

win sr350 die cutter part
win sr350 anvil drying option

Consequently, completely eliminates all scrap chips!


win sr350 folding department

Folding System Features

By all means, high productivity, high precision, and high-quality folding.


win sr350 glue gun system

Glue Gun System (HHS)

  • For one thing, easy flow control of glue
  • Low consumption of glue used
  • In fact, easy to clean, less scattering

Counter Ejector:

win sr350 counter system

On the positive side, one Stage Counter Ejector provides an economical, simplistic method for stacking, counting, and ejecting bundles.


win sr350 built in counter unit

Controller Features:

The Controller Unit is built into the machine.

All functions of the machine are controlled precisely.

Surprisingly, quick, and easy setting of printing parameters.

WIN SR350 in Operation

WIN Series Line-Up

Flexo Folder Gluer (FFG)

Ishikawa Flexo Folder Gluer
Ishikawa Flexo Folder Gluer
Ishikawa Flexo Folder Gluer

Another key point, the Win Series GR400 and GR 350 are fixed-type transportation with a single conveyor belt. To point out, they will reach a maximum speed of 400 sheets/minute.

Ishikawa Flexo Folder Gluer
Ishikawa Flexo Folder Gluer


To explain, the WIN series MR250 is open/close type transportation with a roller.
Thus, this machine responds to a wide variety of products with various optional specifications.

To point out, they will reach a maximum speed of 250 sheets/minute.