NS Slitter

For Nonferrous Metal Foils

NS Slitter TG314E Series


NS Slitter TG314E applications: electrode – cathode (coated aluminum foil), anode (coated copper foil)

Features of the TG314E

In detail, the Cutter unit system is adopted for knife settings.

Since the knife size isφ100 mm OD.

While the slitting width: min. 11 mm

Then, the brush roller-type web cleaners are provided after the slitting section.

NS Slitter TG314E Technical Data

Material widthMin. 300 mm
Rewind diameterMax.φ350 mm
Rewind shaft ODφ3 inch
Slitting widthMin. 11 mm
Machine speed50 m/min.
Unwind diameterφ400 mm
Cutting methodStraight special shear cutting

What is a Slitter Rewinder?

In fact, a slitter rewinder is a roll-to-roll machine that unwinds a roll of a long sheet. Then, slits it into strips of a particular width, and rewind them into rolls in a continuous action. For this reason, the fundamental structure consists of an unwinder, guide roller, cutter, and rewinder. As a result, in the slitting and rewinding processes, optimum slitting conditions and balanced tension between the unwinder and rewinder play the most critical role. Consequently, applying a slitting method and tension control fitted to the characteristics of each type of material achieves high-quality cut surfaces and rewind packages.

Therefore, NISHIMURA designs and manufactures slitter rewinders in accordance with individual customers’ specification requests.
After all, our products are well known in many different industry segments for their excellent performance and high durability.
Nowadays, slitter rewinders are required for a broad range of applications from not only conventional segments such as paper,
film, and nonferrous foil but also information technology, electronics, and electrical equipment.
Obviously, we are surrounded by rapid social changes. In any event, NISHIMURA will keep on researching and developing modern technology for a sustainable future