NS Slitter TG124E Series

NS Slitter TG124E

Applications: electrode – cathode (coated aluminum foil), anode (coated copper foil)

NS Slitter TG124E Series is the newest slitter series suitable for battery materials. (For slitting aluminum, specially coated copper foils, etc.)

NS Slitter TG124E Series

NS Slitter TG124E Features

  • The Cutter unit system is adopted for knife setting. The knife size is φ100 mm OD.
  • Special gang cutting method contributes to a reduction in burrs.
  • Suction-type web cleaners are provided for both surfaces of product strips after the slitting section.

NS Slitter TG124E Series Specifications

Material WidthMax. 650 mm
Rewind Diameterφ450mm
Rewind shaft ODφ3 inch
Slitting WidthMin. 40 mm
Machine speed50 m/min.
Unwind Diameterφ700 mm
Cutting methodStraight special shear cutting