Test Labs Turns User Needs into Reality

When you are considering investing in a new coater for your facility, you want to make sure that you have the right specification for it. Therefore, HIRANO Test Labs support optimal machine design for product development through customer-partnered research and experiments.

Hirano Labs Die Designing Technology for Optimum Coater

HIRANO designs the die according to the viscosity characteristics of the slurry and the coating conditions. They accomplish this by taking full advantage of their expertise in flow and structural analysis. In addition, the experts at HIRANO determine slurry viscosity characteristics in the lab with precision.

Hirano Test Labs
Hirano Test Labs

Hirano Test Labs test machines:

Capillary Coaters

CAP Coater (for large-sized substrate)
Continuous Capillary Coater (continuous film)
A Coater (for small-sized substrate & small coating volume)
Capillary Coater Range (for organic EL)

Hirano Multi-Coaters

M-200DL (Dual LIP)
M-600SF (Sheet forming)

HIRANO Coating Systems for Li-Ion Battery

Time & Industry Tested HIRANO Expertise