Dual LIP

Innovative Compact Coating Machine

Hirano Multi-coater M-200DL is an innovative testing machine, a further development of the M-200 and M-200L.

A large variety of coating systems including LIP, comma, slot die, and roll 2 roll can be installed on this machine to achieve coating accuracy at the submicron level, while its dryer can be equipped with either a floating or a punching nozzle to meet various testing requirements.

This multi-purpose machine, compact but full-fledged, is ideal for both small lot production and various sample production.

Hirano Multi-coater M-200DL
Hirano Multi-coater M-200DL

Multi-coater M-200DL Applications

  • LCD
  • Electrical / Electronics
  • Batteries
  • AV appliance
  • Industrial products
  • Housing / Construction materials
  • Food
  • Life science
  • Environmental barrier coatings

Hirano Multi-coater M-200DL Specs

Roll width: 400mm
Machine speed: 2 – 100m /min
Processing temperature: 60 – 200°C
Drying oven: 1.5m / zone x 3 zones
Coating methods: LIP, comma, gravure, R&R, slot die

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