NS-Slitter TH513J Series

Applications: separator films

NS-Slitter TH513J Series was developed specifically for separator slitting. By using individual arms and maintaining contact pressure for each arm, this slitter helps optimize slitting quality and yield.

NS Slitter TG124E Series

NS-Slitter TH513J Series Features

  • Combination of surface-driven and center-driven rewinding systems.
  • Individual rewind arms are used to deal with a thickness variation of films.
  • Controlling rewind tension at a low level reduces effects on the characteristics of films.

TH513J Series Specifications

Material WidthMax. 1300 mm
Rewind diameterMax.φ350 mm
Rewind shaft ODφ3 inch, φ6 inch
Slitting WidthMin. 35 mm
Machine speed250 m/min.
Unwind diameterφ460 mm
Cutting methodWrapped razor cutting
Wrapped shear cutting
Rewinding methodAir friction rewinding with individual rewind arms
(Eddy current type or separately motor-driven type rewind arms are also available.)