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HIRANO Coating Systems for Li-Ion Battery

DIE COATER for Li-Ion Batteries

Important to realize, that HIRANO Coating Machine Systems have been the synonym for quality coaters for Lithium-ion battery electrodes. Since Japan’s first Lithium-Ion battery was developed, HIRANO has delivered over 250 Lithium-Ion batteries and capacitor electrode coaters. to customers in over 20 years.

To clarify, there are two types of battery electrode coaters are available to meet a variety of needs, from high-speed processing to small-lot production for development purposes.

Coating machine for Li-Ion Battery Production
DIE COATER for Li-Ion Batteries

HIRANO Coating Machine Systems for Various Applications

Therefore, based on its “heat and circulated air” and “coating and line control” technologies cultivated over many years, HIRANO TECSEED strives for innovation built on a solid foundation of basic technology. Furthermore, HIRANO applies its rich experience in systematization technology, promoting innovative technology development. In order to specialize and improve the efficiency of our technology, HIRANO coaters are classified into two types based upon the object base materials of each: coating/laminating machinery (film, sheet, paper, metal foil) and industrial machinery (non-woven fabric, glass fiber, carbon fiber, new material, composite material, glass substrate).

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