NS Slitter TH4C Series

NS Slitter Model TH4C

Applications: metalized PET and OPP films for capacitor

NS Slitter TH4C Series is suitable for cutting thin and narrow materials such as a separator. (Also suitable for vacuum evaporated products)

NS Slitter TH4C Series

NS Slitter TH4C Series Features

  • Designed for dealing with metalized film for capacitors.
  • Servo motors are used for unwinding and rewind control to operate with low tension.
  • Capable of dealing with a film thickness of 1.5µm at minimum.


Material WidthMax. 650 mm
Rewind diameterMax.φ300 mm
Rewind shaft ODφ3 inch
Rewind shaft ODφ3 inch
Slitting Width4.5 – 150 mm
Machine speed300 m/min.
Unwind diameterφ600 mm
Cutting methodWrapped shear cutting
Rewinding methodShaft friction rewinding (servo motor)