Over 50 years of manufacturing High-Performance Winders.

Sold in many parts of the world.

Kaido Manufacturing

Winder for High-capacity cell

For one thing, TEXMAC’s solution for quality winding of High-Capacity Batteries and Capacitor production is Kaido. To emphasize, over 50 years of manufacturing winders that are sold in many parts of the world prove their expertise in winding technologies. Consequently, Kaido offers a wide range of winders, including semi-automatic winders, automatic winders, and automatic winders. Important to realize, that come with material auto-changeover capability. Hence, a wide variety of options to suit customer needs.


To clarify, batteries for Electric Cars (HEV, BEV, FCEV, and EB) and wind / solar power

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J/R sizeCylindrical: φ26~×~400(H)mm
Prismatic: ~(T)×80~(W)×~400(H) mm


DimensionsCylindrical: 4,600(W)×2,100(H)×2,400(L) mm
Prismatic: 4,000(W)×2,000(H)×2,200(L) mm
Power supplyAC 3φ 200V ±10% 50/60Hz
Supply air0.5 Mpa

Li-Ion Battery Winder for Standard Size Cell​

Therefore, this is applicable for a wide array of battery applications including notebook PC, cell phones, MP3 players, and other portable devices. ​

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TAKT Time​
– Cylindrical (18650) : 2.0 sec/pc (30ppm)
– Prismatic: 3.5 – 10.0 sec/pc (6-17ppm)​​

Standard batteries

R & D Winder

This winder is ideal for Li-Ion battery and material development as well as small-lot production. ​

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To explain About Kaido Co.

We, as an engineering company, have designed and produced manufacturing facilities, such as electronic components, medical devices, and office equipment.
Especially, we have moved into manufacturing of winders for MF capacitors, electric capacitors, primary battery and the rechargeable battery including the Li-ion battery, over this period of time, we support widely from design to production of prototype or mass production winders which needs high quality and high accuracy.
Presently, we have met many customers and have been provided with a variety of demands or requests, we got a lot of opportunities to work on a wide variety of products, and thanks to this chance, we were able to put the results on many experiences.
Therefore, this rich experience is what we consider to be our greatest asset. We will all continue our efforts in working together with our customers, meeting their expectations, and contributing to society.