TEXMAC’s solution for quality winding of High-Capacity Batteries and Capacitor production is Kaido. Over 50 years of manufacturing winders that are sold in many parts of the world proves the expertise in winding technologies.  Kaido offers a wide range of winders, including semi-automatic winders, automatic winders, and automatic winders with material auto-changeover capability, as well as a wide variety of options to suit customer needs.

Winders for Lithium-Ion Batteries
An automatic material changeover system, a palletizing system, and many other functions are available for each model.

Cell SizeCell TypeWinder Model #
Standard size cellFor cylindrical cellKAWM-U4BTH-20/70
For prismatic cellKAW-U4BTQH-40/70
Large size cellFor cylindrical cellKAW-4BT-60/20
For prismatic cellKAW-4BTQ-100/165
Medium size cellFor cylindrical cellKAW-4BT-30/80
For prismatic cellKAW-4BTQ-70/100
Mini size cellFor cylindrical cellKAW-4BT-15/45
For prismatic cellKAW-4BTQ-30/32

Kaido Winders

Li-Ion Battery Winder for Standard Size Cell
Li-Ion Battery Winder for Medium to Large Size Cell
R&D Winder