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Winder for High-Capacity Cell

The Yuri roll machine produces various calendering machines and embossing machines. Therefore, paper and cloth rolling requires a Calendering machine. Therefore, making a glossy surface, increasing density, and flattening thickness. Consequently, embossing machines are valuable on the material surface. Furthermore, the main materials are paper, film, metal foils, and steel plates. As a result, the embossing machines pattern and functionalized the material.

For one thing, pressing machines are not only battery electrode materials. In this case, circuit board materials use the press machine.

Secondary batteries use a roll press machine. Specifically, the Yuri roll machine compresses the electrode to the desired thickness and increases the active material density of the electrodes. For this reason, the design and configuration are according to your specific needs. Moreover, the press rolls are either non-heated or heated. Electrode preheating before pressing is also available. Our Calender Machines.

High Precision

In effect, the pressure causes a bend at the of the roll. Additionally, micron-level precision is achievable.

Addresses high-pressure requirements

YURI can address requirements such as > 2t/cm.

Roll Heating

Consequently, heating the rolls with consistent and even heat. In the long run, produces a high-quality and stable product.

Yuri roll
yuri roll machine calendering

Yuri Roll Machine

720kN Ultra High-Pressure Roll Press

Yuri Roll Press 720k

Applications: Secondary battery electrode


  • Super high-rigid steel rolls
  • Constant pressure application
  • Steel Highly accurate coatings


  • Compressing electrodes for the secondary battery
  • Compressing special types of substrates

Line Pressure

  • 2, 000 kN/m or more

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