Hirano Two-Roll Reverse Coater

Therefore, the Hirano Two-Roll Reverse Coater is for coating fluid with precipitation properties. Thus, directly wetting the substrate. Then a metering roll is for metering and film formation.

After all, HIRANO has been synonymous with quality coaters for Lithium-ion battery electrodes. Since Japan’s first Lithium-Ion battery was developed, HIRANO has delivered 300+ Lithium-Ion batteries and capacitor electrode coaters to customers in over 20 years. ​

hirano two roll reverse coater

Hirano Two-Roll Reverse Coater Features

High precision coating, coating of precipitating, and dispersion resins.

Reference range of application

Coating speed:1~200m/min


Coating amount:3~100μm・Wet

Use examples: Optical functional material coating, coating of resin containing filler