Hirano LIP Direct Coater Hirano Tecseed

Important to realize, that the Hirano LIP Direct Coaters is the number one selling product line in our company. The Hirano LIP Direct coater uses a completely closed coating method combining high versatility and simple operability. This method is for producing medium thickness coating using medium to high viscosity resin.
In fact, a specialized controller is to adjust the pressure inside the die lip. For example, the machine automatically adjusts the gap. Thus, allowing for high precision coating.
A positioner equipped with center bending functionality enables film thickness adjustment in the width direction.

Hirano lip direct

Hirano LIP Direct Coater Features

High precision coating, high coating quality, good continuous stability, automatic operationReference range of applicationCoating speed:1~400m/minViscosity:100~50000mPa・sCoating amount:10-1000μm・WetUse examples:Adhesives, including those for optical use; electronic materials (DFR, FCCL, MLCC, inductors, and thermistors); etc.