Multi-Coating M-200L

In fact, new innovative technologies shape the Hirano Multi-Coating M-200L
machine. Therefore, satisfying the users who require various sample production
in multiple fields.

To point out, you can install many coating systems on this machine. For example, R&R, capillary, gravure, 2-line, reverse, LIP, and comma. Consequently, pursuing the coating accuracy at the submicron level. Thus, greater line speed stability.

vel. The line speed stability has also been improved.

Hirano Multi-Coating M-200L



  • LCD
  • Electrical / Electronics
  • Batteries
  • AV appliance
  • Industrial products
  • Housing / Construction materials
  • Food
  • Life Science

Hirano Multi-Coating M-200L Machine Spec

Roll width: 400mm
Machine speed: 1 – 40m /min
Processing temperature: 60 – 200°C
Drying oven: 1.5m / zone x 3 zones