Hirano Multi-Coater M-600SF Sheet forming

For forming green sheets of thin to medium thickness

Hirano Multi-Coater M-600SF is developed as a testing machine to form several microns- to 300-micron thick (dry) green sheets (ceramics). For this purpose, it runs stably at low to middle speeds (0.1 – 20m/min.).

To satisfy various drying conditions, the dryer consists of 3 zones, while punching, floating and counter-flow nozzles can be interchanged.

Besides green sheets, this machine can also be used for forming other types of sheets including optical films.

  • Coater: Comma and LIP coating systems are available.
  • Dryer: Long and slow drying are possible.
Hirano Multi-Coater M-600SF


  • LCD
  • Electrical / Electronics
  • Batteries
  • AV appliance
  • Industrial products
  • Housing / Construction materials
  • Food
  • Life Science

Multi-Coater M-600SF Specs

Roll width: 600mm
Machine speed: 0.1 – 20m /min
Processing temperature: 60 – 160°C
Drying oven: 2m / zone x 3 zones