Ultra-High-speed Cavitation

Cavitation Plasma processing device

Application of cavitation bubble plasma

Ultra-High-speed Cavitation, Therefore, when high voltage applied to the cavitation bubbles to generate Plasma. In conclusion, this is applicable for Dispersion, Nanoparticle synthesis, and Sterilization High-speed, bulky treatment will be available so novel technology to be applied to industrial requirements.

Ultra-High-Speed Cavitation plasma device

Comparison to conventional technology

Ultra-High speed Cavitation

Application of ultra-high-speed cavitation bubble plasma

Ultra-High speed Cavitation

What is cavitation?

Cavitation is a phenomenon in which the static pressure of a liquid reduces to below the liquid’s vapour pressure. Consequently, leading to the formation of small vapor-filled cavities in the liquid. When subjected to higher pressure, these cavities, called “bubbles” or “voids”, collapse. Therefore, generating shock waves that may damage machinery. These shock waves are strong when they are very close to the imploded bubble, but rapidly weaken as they propagate away from the implosion.