Hirano Kiss Reverse Gravure Hirano Tecseed

Introducing the Hirano Kiss Reverse Gravure. Thus, the gravure reverse method is using the kiss touch style transfer. In comparison to the direct method, this method stresses the substrate less and results in a good coating surface. Therefore, the Reverse Gravure uses kiss transfer. Consequently, the substrate side conditions will affect the output. In conclusion, this is not for high-speed coating.

Hirano Kiss Reverse Gravure

Hirano Kiss Reverse Gravure Features:

Generally speaking, low coating amount, low viscosity resin applications, good coating surface, and good coating quality. Thus, a reference range of application coating speed:1~100m/minViscosity:1~500mPa・sCoating amount:1~100μm・Wet. Use examples: Optical functional materials, release agent coating, etc.