TEXMAC, THE INDUSTRIES WE SERVE! Important to realize, that TEXMAC is a company that has a history of meeting the needs of advanced technology industries. In fact, through our parent company, Itochu Corporation, TEXMAC has access to a vast global network of equipment suppliers. In particular, they have met the stringent qualification standards set by Itochu. Therefore, TEXMAC offers innovative technology and equipment. That is to say, our expertise has led to reduced cycle times, improved yields, and smaller equipment footprints. In conclusion, better product reliability, cost, and quality improvements. That is to say, TEXMAC can offer in-depth technology development knowledge. Accordingly, the bulk of its value comes from supplying manufacturing equipment to major players. After all, in the competitive, ever-evolving manufacturing environment.

In addition, Advanced Battery production equipment, Flying Probe Circuit Board Testers, Food, and Beverage Machines, CNC Machine Tool, Robotic Machinery, HAPPY Embroidery Machines, and parts. TEXMAC is based in Charlotte, NC, and our business has been growing since 1974. As a result, you’re wondering how we’ve been able to maintain our status in each of the industries. In short, the answer is simple: Ambitious standards. Above all, TEXMAC has ambitious standards for our employees, our business standards, and our products. After all, we are always striving and pushing ourselves to be better as a company and industry leader.


Energy Storage Manufacturing Machines

TEXMAC Inc. offers key manufacturing solutions for today’s energy storage industry whose responsibilities are in meeting the needs for power storage for transportation, critical power applications in the medical and military fields, as well as off-grid applications. In conclusion, we offer a variety of systems from a stand-alone unit to a complete manufacturing line to meet your specific needs

Energy Storage Manufacturing Machines
Energy Storage Manufacturing Machines


Lithium-Ion Batteries

Advanced Batteries

Super Capacitors

Fuel Cells


Battery Assembly Systems

Printed Electronics Manufacturing Machines

TEXMAC is proud to offer the following products for your printed and flexible electronics. Important to realize, our applications range from retail and packaging to consumer electronics, aerospace, construction, automotive, and healthcare, printed electronics are everywhere. 

Printed Electronics Icon
Manufacturing Machines for Printed Electronics


Printed Electronics

Printed Batteries

Flexible Electronics

Wearable Electronics Semiconductors.

Converting and Medical Manufacturing Machines

TEXMAC is proud to offer the following products for Medical Products and Medical Devices. Furthermore, we boast improved productivity, accuracy, operability, and running cost reduction!

Converting and Medical
Converting and Medical


Extrusion Coating

Various Films


Medical Products

Sanitary Products